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About Iconic Design

Iconic Design is an interior design firm founded in 2022 to redefine Monaco’s luxury and elegance concept. Inspired by the French Riviera, we began with a simple yet powerful dream – to create inviting spaces that celebrate individuality and leave a lasting imprint.

Guided by a deep love for interior design and real estate, our founder, Quentin Chiai, embarked on a journey. As our clientele grew and more people embraced our vision, we expanded. This evolution culminated in the establishment of our boutique and showroom in the beating heart of Monaco—the Condamine district.

As the founder and project manager, Quentin Chiai brings a unique blend of real estate acumen and design finesse to every project. He envisions spaces as personalized narratives where the client’s style, taste, and aspirations take centre stage.

Crafting a philosophy rooted in client-centric design, Iconic Design goes beyond aesthetics. Spaces are meant to be lived and loved, and for this reason, they deserve to be as iconic as the people who bring them to life. At Iconic Design, our story is your story – a captivating chapter of creativity and design that unfolds with every project we embark upon.

More About Us

Before founding Iconic Design, Quentin gained extensive experience as a Project Manager by working for a renewed boutique and showroom in Monaco. Previously served in security roles for the Princely Family and the Gendarmerie Nationale, honing discipline and dedication.

Quentin Chiai

After graduating with a comprehensive interior architecture qualification in 2012 in Paris, Alexandra honed her expertise while working at several architecture firms and a high-end interior design and furniture boutique in Monaco.

Alexandra Boldrini

After her studies in Luxury Management, Benedetta decided to pursue her passion for communication. She gained valuable experience in the luxury industry and media and publishing sectors

Benedetta Pizzonia