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Give your spaces a brand-new identity with a brave new color palette and new paint colours.

Color trends in 2024 highlight a fresh, new mood — that of being bold and confident with your choices. Gone are the days of soft, light paint color palettes that created ‘safe’ looking interiors. Today, the trend, particularly in the chic interiors of Monaco and the French Riviera, is to create multidimensional spaces using layered tones, deep shades, and characterful colors.

In order to achieve that, Iconic Design Monaco is proud to present the latest collection of Argile Peinture as exclusive reseller in the Principality. The new Ciel collection by Argile Peinture captures the essence of the sky with 72 timeless paint colors. This collaboration brings a fresh, dynamic palette of paint colors to the world of interior design in Monaco.

Trending Colors for 2024

1. Deep Navy Blue

Deep Navy Blue remains a favorite for creating a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. This color adds depth and elegance to living rooms and bedrooms, providing a timeless appeal.

Discover “Cosmos”

2. Sage Green

Sage Green continues to bring the outdoors in, perfect for creating a calming and rejuvenating environment in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a subtle nod to nature’s tranquility.

Discover “Varengeville”

3. Pale Lavender

Pale Lavender offers a soft, soothing vibe that works beautifully in bedrooms and nurseries. This gentle hue adds a touch of color without overwhelming the space, making it ideal for serene retreats.

4. Terracotta

Terracotta is making a strong comeback with its warm, earthy tones. It’s perfect for creating a cozy and inviting living room or dining area, infusing spaces with a rustic charm.

Discover “Jaipur”

5. Warm Beige

Neutral colors like Warm Beige continue to be timeless. This versatile shade can be used in any room to create a balanced and elegant look, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Discover “Mahoya”

Harmonious Palettes

In order to achieve a strong and effective look, it is fundamental to choose a harmonious color palette. Ciel is not just a standalone collection; it harmonizes perfectly with Argile’s previous collections, Terre and Végétal. The nine groups of eight shades each in Ciel complement and redefine each other, creating a cohesive, versatile range for interior design. This versatility allows for seamless integration into various design projects, enhancing spaces with its luminous, intense elegance.

Eco-Friendly and Inspirational

Continuing Argile Peinture’s commitment to sustainability, the Ciel collection respects nature in its production process. This eco-friendly approach ensures that the paint not only beautifies homes but also minimizes environmental impact. Argile’s dedication to nature is evident in every aspect of this collection, making it a perfect choice for eco-conscious interior design in Monaco.

Explore the Ciel Collection

The Ciel collection by Argile Peinture, available through Iconic Design Monaco, sets a new standard in wall paint trends. Embrace the latest trend in paint colors by exploring these celestial hues and transforming your interior spaces.

Discover more about the Ciel collection and our partnership with Argile Peinture here. For additional inspiration, visit our portfolio here.